San Francisco

I had heard that Candice loves giving tours but it wasn’t until yesterday that I could add my name to the long list of people who can verify that she really does and she’s a natural. We took the train into the city (I did my last blog entry on the train feeling like a true California commuter) and headed straight to the flagship Apple store. We sat in on a course in IPad 2 and I made the instructor’s day by my not so subtle enthusiasm when I learned something new. If I even remember two or three things from the hour, I’ll be doing well. I especially enjoyed learning more about the maps feature as it comes in so handy when traveling.


After the class, we started our walking tour of the city down Market Street. During the course of the day, we saw many neighborhoods including the back alleys of Chinatown where fortune cookies were being made, North Beach for an Italian lunch at outside tables conveniently equipped with heaters, the stairs up to Coit Tower with the beautiful murals, down the steep steps of Telegraph Hill (parrots hiding from the drizzling rain), a quick stop at a chocolate factory and a walk through the Ferry Building with its fancy foods. We passed the Occupy San Francisco site which was just a warren of soggy tents at that time of day.








Altogether we walked 5-6 miles and saw sights famous and hidden. Candice knows stories to go with all different angles of the city and she kept me entertained and educated all day. We saw things other tourists aren’t likely to find like the Maxfield Parrish painting in the Palace bar and elite skating students learning their double aerial twists on a rink. It was a packed and busy day but I felt like I had a good sense of the city by the end.

We’re hoping to do her famous ride with 1000 views on bikes on Sunday. We’ll keep our fingers crossed in the meantime, hoping the weather will cooperate.

(At the Apple store yesterday, I tried to get help to delete a partially completed blog entry from Sequoia that wouldn’t go away. I hear from Candice that it got online by mistake and that was by a pro! Ignore and delete that one,please. There’s already a better and finished piece on the site. )

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