Last night in Las Vegas

On our last night in Las Vegas, we had a couple of things left to do to complete our Vegas experience. The first was to experience the casinos. Having heard on the raft trip that the best odds on the machines were on the video poker games, we sat down with a few one dollar bills to play. It took us, a couple of rusty daughters of poker pros, awhile to remember the rules but we figured it out. We got ahead at times, not for long, but long enough to have some fun with the game.

I had had some experience winning at blackjack many years ago but didn’t dare brave the tables where the minimum bet was $10.00. We had seen a man in the morning playing at a $100 table. When we walked by a few hours later, he was still sitting there. He was nowhere to be seen that night. Was he out celebrating or drowning his sorrows? Fortunately for us, there are also blackjack machines, less intimidating than a real dealer (also less sympathetic to newbe players) but with $1.00 bets. Like the poker games, we did pretty well where some ability helps the odds but not surprisingly, we won’t be able to live off our earnings or even buy ourselves a celebratory drink (Vegas drink prices are high!).

The other experience I wanted to have was to see a Cirque de Soleil show. We waited in a line at a discount ticket booth in the morning under umbrellas from the sun but scored two seats for the Mystere show that night. It was amazing. The show was entertaining from the start with a clown, dressed in a tuxedo, wandering about the audience making us laugh with his antics. What was really impressive was the gymnastics. There were were dancers, trapeze acts, human pyramids, trampolines, and ball balancing that took your breath away. With the lights, the smoke machines, the music and drumming, brilliant costumes and amazing talent, it was a true spectacle.

As we walked back to our motel under a full moon, almost camouflaged in the lights of the city, we knew we were ready to leave Vegas. Time to get back to nature.



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