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I’m thinking of this year as my lemonade year.  After having had a few lemons thrown my way over the last three years (broken marriage, my mother’s death, computer stolen, best friend moving away, bike crash etc.), it’s time to make the lemonade.  With grown children thriving and some money from selling my parent’s home, I decided to take some time for me.  This year is about making connections with friends and family across the country, traveling to places far and wide, pushing myself through my fears, giving back and taking stock of my life in this middle age.  I have left my classroom in Marlboro in great hands, a young teacher who has lots of energy and skills.  For this year, I will be looking past the familiar Vermont landscape and the wonderful web of people here and see the world, or at least more of it than I ever have before.  I hope to gain a new perspective on my life and the world, meet new people, experience new things.  I’ve always had a travel bug and I’m giving into that urge to see what’s around the next corner.

The general plan is to do a domestic trip within the U.S. during the fall, come home for the holidays, and head out on an around the world trip in January.  I’ll be traveling alone for the most part but meeting up with friends here and there along the way.  I’m leaving on 9/30 on a train to Washington, D.C., the first stop on my trip to the west coast.

I will post my itinerary, what I know of it, on a separate page.  Unlike my bike trip blogs, I won’t be writing every day but as time and internet access permit.  If you would like, you can “subscribe” to this blog.  You’ll get an e mail when I post so you don’t have to keep checking to see if I have added anything new.  If you’d like to make a comment, you’ll be asked to put in your e mail address but that’s not published and it’s only the first time you comment.  I’ll add pictures as I can but know that on the international trip and with an ipad instead of a computer, I will probably add just a few pictures as I go.


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  1. Connie oconnor

     /  September 20, 2011

    Are you coming close to San Diego? We have extra beds if you want to stop here! We’d love to see you, and you can have as much guacamole as you want!

  2. jan bee

     /  September 24, 2011

    Are you going to be in Northern Calif.?

  3. Sue Wright

     /  September 27, 2011

    I’m really looking forward to following your travels, so I signed up to get email notices!

  4. Mo Meyer

     /  September 28, 2011

    I am so impressed by you Ellen. Best wishes in your travels, you are living for all of us!

  5. Anne Cowan

     /  October 2, 2011

    Ellen, best wishes for a wonderful trip. I hope you fulfill all your dreams and see wonderful new sights! Take care and have fun!!

  6. Janie Sherwin

     /  October 3, 2011

    Oh Ellen … I was so sorry that I missed saying “good-bye or more appropriately bon voyage” when you were at Curves. How I admire you (but you know that already)! I hope that during this coming year I’ll be able to follow your example and “push through my fears” to sort out the next phase in my life. I will follow your blog with anticipation and hope that your courage will inspire me.

  7. pam perkins

     /  October 3, 2011

    Hi Ellen, I bought a brand new Lonely Planet guide book for Bali, but we had to cancel that portion of this trip because Bruce is having surgery in November and we were calling it close by returning only a couple of days before. Would you like me to send you the book or do you have one already. You can pick it up at Christmas in Brattleboro. Just send me your address again. I hope you are having a wonderful time. Washington is a great place to start. See you in November. Pam


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